Value Preposition

The economic value acquired through the project far extends the revenue expected through the sales of goods from craftsmen around Iraq. By creating synergies across multiple categories of products, new markets can be established, both locally and globally for the brand. In addition, by creating alliances with local and international partners will create value through exchange of knowledge, and experiences.  The generated value will be propagated to provide economic opportunities to small business and entrepreneurs. Training and social awareness campaigns, whether in areas of traditional craft making, or contemporary methods of marketing and management of small businesses, can be seen as an extra added value.

 Activities, resources, and capabilities

Activities include creating partnerships with different small business in the different areas of production. They also include cultural programs for awareness (lectures, concerts, talks, and training sessions), as well as entrepreneurial training on different value chains for small businesses. They also include marketing activities and campaigns. There are different synergies across these activities. For example cultural awareness programs can be also viewed through a marketing lens.

 Human capital is among the most important resources in this area. Another resource is market knowledge. This is an area where Al Beit Al Iraqi managed to build through years of past experience. The building owned by the founder of the organization is another resource.

 One of the strongest capabilities of the organization is building strong alliances with international organizations, as well as individuals interested in culture. This helps the organization build on others’ capabilities through partnerships and alliances to cover scope.

 Revenue streams

 These include three streams of revenue from direct sales of products: online, through the center, as well as through third parties and other brands. Services are charged per service (including training seminars), as well as through subscriptions (only subscribed members can attend certain activities or use the organization resources).

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